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check your fertility

Whether simply interested in having your fertility checked or you have been trying for months to get pregnant, we specialize in a full body evaluation of your fertility. Additionally, we recommend tailored supplements as well as different wellness plans for whatever stage of your journey you are at, whether getting your fertility optimized for the future, planning for a baby in the next year, or getting ready to undergo an embryo transfer.
During your assessment, we will discuss your medical and surgical history to assess any health factors that could affect getting pregnant. From there, we perform a physical exam and, depending on the results, may recommend specific lab work or imaging to be done that day. The best way to understand what evaluation will be performed is to understand the common causes of difficulty conceiving, including sperm and ovulation abnormalities along with structural and endocrine issues. See our blog on common causes of fertility issues!
While we specialize in helping build families, we believe it is never too early to educate yourself on your fertility and make sure you are doing everything you can to optimize for the future. Schedule an assessment today to get started!
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