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Gestational Carrier

Halo Fertility offers a range of Third Party family building options. These include egg donor, sperm donor, and gestational carrier. Depending on the individual situation, team Halo walks through this process with their patients and ensures they are getting the attention needed.
Gestational carrier is a great option for those who are struggling not with conceiving, but with supporting the developing fetus during gestation. This option makes motherhood still possible for those who cannot carry their own pregnancy to term.
We recognize the intense emotion that these cases can carry. Rest-assured that team Halo’s Third Party team is experienced and equipped to help anyone looking to build their family using a gestational carrier.
Gestational Carrier

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Egg donor

Egg donor

While navigating your search for your perfect donor, it can be extremely stressful. This is why it’s crucial to team up with a clinic that has the experience you need and demands perfection for their clients. Whether you are looking for egg donors, sperm donors, or plan on using a surrogate, we have our own dedicated third-party team to help coordinate the process and make it as seamless as possible.
We have our own egg donors as well as access to the top egg and sperm donors world-wide, allowing you to pick exactly the donor you have in mind. For individuals or couples who are interested in using a surrogate, we partner with the best agencies in the country and pride ourselves on making your experience as stress-free as possible.

Sperm donor

Sometimes male-factor infertility can prevent a couple from conceiving biological children. Others in same-sex relationships may need sperm donations to achieve their dreams of having a baby together. In these situations, couples must find sperm donors to contribute to their family building plans. Halo Fertility provides couples with access to quality sperm donors through our fertility treatment programs. Couples can choose a profile that fits their specifications based on appearance and other qualities.

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