Relieving the Financial Stress of Infertility

Relieving the Financial Stress of Infertility

Relieving the Financial Stress of Infertility

Infertility affects 1 in 5 couples in the United States, but thanks to assisted reproductive technology, it doesn’t have to be a barrier to parenthood.

If you’re among those individuals or couples diagnosed with infertility, you know all about the emotional struggles that come with testing, hormones, and the treatment approach you and your doctor decide is best for you. You also know the expense may be your one barrier to treatment.

At Halo Fertility, we work to alleviate the financial stress our patients encounter by offering several fixed and interest-free financing options. Our plans are designed to provide financing to cover full IVF with preimplantation genetic testing, fertility preservation through egg freezing, embryo freezing and other services offered at our clinic. Not all clinics offer in-house financing, and we’re proud to offer it to our patients.

Fertility Treatment Costs

Among all the factors that enter into your family-building decisions, fertility treatment costs are one of the most daunting. In the United States, the average cost of basic IVF (ovarian stimulation, egg retrieval, embryo transfer) is around $12,400 according to a published report by the NIH. And that’s just the cost for one IVF cycle. It isn’t unusual for a patient to go through more than one cycle to achieve a successful pregnancy.

At Halo Fertility , we believe everyone who wants a family should have that experience, and we strive to ensure our patients realize their dream. We know you’re already struggling with your fertility, and we believe that a financial struggle shouldn’t stand in the way of you realizing that dream.

Our team is patient-centered and focused on helping you build your family. We want to journey through this amazing process alongside you and we’re there to offer support every step of the way–from answering your questions, offering assurance and even helping you find the best way to finance your fertility treatment.

Financing Your Fertility Treatment

There’s no denying the cost of treatment to overcome is high, though in some cases you may get help from your insurer. There are currently 21 states that mandate insurance companies offer coverage–to some degree–for infertility treatment. If you’re fortunate enough to have an insurance provider that does cover at least a portion of the treatment, your costs will be lower. How much depends on the type of coverage you carry.

There are other types of financing available, including bank loans and credit cards. Some individuals and couples are also tempted to pull funds from their 401K (you may get penalized depending on the account and you’ll likely have to pay taxes on the amount you borrow) or take out a loan against their mortgage. Some patients turn to relatives to borrow or be “gifted” the finances for treatment. These might sound like good, creative ideas but they could end up causing more financial stress in the long run.

Halo’s Flexible Fertility Finance Plans

Finding yourself on a more sound financial foundation makes growing your family a little easier. And when you have both fixed and interest-free options to finance your fertility treatment (your very own revolving fertility line of credit) you have even more peace of mind. Plus, our easy paperless application process requires no proof of income. Here are the plans we offer our patients at Halo Fertility.

  1. One loan is an excellent option for patients whose plan includes full IVF with PGT , and is also a great option for those who wish to freeze their eggs.
  2. A second loan is available for full IVF with PGT, cryogenic preservation with PGT, or egg freezing.
  3. A third loan option can be used for any treatment.

Keeping the Focus on Patient Care

At Halo Fertility, we don’t think financial hurdles should keep you from having a child. If you’re struggling with infertility, interested in preserving your fertility, a single person longing to be a parent or you belong to the LGBTQ+ community and want to build a family, it’s time to contact Halo. We’ll create a plan that works for you!